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Pursuant to what is established by means of Law 34/2002 of 11 July relating to Information Society Services and Electronic Commerce, we will now detail the general information data relating to this Web Site. We will now detail the general information data relating to this Web Site.

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ZERTEM expressly excludes the possibility of creating links from Web pages containing materials that are of an illicit, illegal, degrading or obscene nature, and in general, those that may come to contravene morals, public order or generally accepted social conventions.

The USER commits to refraining from using the WEB SITE or the information contained within it for carrying out activities that might contravene the Law, morals or public order, and in general, to abide by the conditions of use established by ZERTEM.

The opinions, content, and in general, all the activities carried out by the USER, remain of their own exclusive responsibility, and ZERTEM may not be held responsible for any harm that might derive from said activities carried out against its will and without effectively having any knowledge of them.

ZERTEM will not be held accountable for any errors in accessing the WEB SITE or in its content, although it will diligently endeavour for this not to take place.

ZERTEM reserves the right to temporarily, and without the need to provide prior notice, suspend access to the WEB SITE due to a potential need to carry out maintenance, repair, update or improvement operations.


If a clause were to be declared total or partially annulled or unenforceable, said nullity will only affect that provision or the part declared null or unenforceable, and the remainder of the conditions will subsist.

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The conditions of use of this Web Site are indefinite in character. Under all circumstances, ZERTEM reserves the right to unilaterally modify their conditions of access and content.