Local Planet


Local Planet is the alternative network made up of the best in class independent local agencies.

Our structure is created with strong financial and ethical controls. Our agencies are owners of the network and have skin in the game. This guarantees a common ambition as well as cohesive network behaviour and local excellence on the ground.

Each one of our independent agencies has the spirit and hunger of a start-up. They have succeeded by fighting for and on behalf of their clients. We are now bringing that start-up fighting spirit, hunger and energy to our international business, Local Planet

The Zertem group (Equmedia, Infinity Media, Alma Media and Media Ingenio) stands as the Spanish partner.

Jose Luis de Rojas, CEO of Zertem is a member of the Board of Directors Global of Local Planet and Alex Lawton -Director General and founding partner of Infinity Media Solutions- leads the Global Leadership Network Team of the network, responsible for the value proposition for customers: service, technology, tools, product and operations Local Planet operates in more than 40 markets and integrates with other companies and international groups, Horizon media, and is the international network that brings together leading media agencies independent in the world, with more than 10,000 million dollars of turnover and 3,000 employees.

Local Planet